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I've heard of issues with non-jacketed ammo on the SR-22. However, in a couple cases, it seems that the issue went away after breaking in of the pistol.

I had a similar issue with Remington thunderbolts the other day on mine. I had 2 50-round boxes. The first 50- no issues. On the 2nd box, lots of FTF's. Went back to winchester 333, and had a couple FTF"s, but after a few mags, back to flawless operation.

I am just going to avoid non-jacketed ammo for a while. Another option I've heard is that some people polish the feed ramps. Don't know if that will help with your problem, but you may want to try.

In the meantime, I have plenty of Federal 550 and Winchester 333 that the pistol shoots with no issues, so I will continue to use them until I have a couple thousand rounds down the pipe. Maybe then I'll try some non-jacketed ammo again.

Good luck- it"s a great pistol.
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