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Wow, I bought a bunch of M44s last year for prices ranging from $125.00 to $179.00, guess they were a good investment. My Big 5 91/30 was $99.00 and there are lots of Mosin owners here who laugh at my prices, they paid $69.00 for an M44 just a few years ago.

C&Rs are never getting any cheaper, if you want one, buy it now, shoot it and enjoy it while it is still legal in this state. If the antis and libtards in this state are successful, soon a Mosin will be one of the only guns that will be legal since they are going after all of the semis first. Then the ultra powerful and deadly accurate Russian weapons of war will be next.

Objectively, my Hungarian 1953 M44 is one of my all time favorite guns, definitely one of the most fun to shoot. You'll love it.
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