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Originally Posted by xrMike View Post
Um, yeah, why would I have posted the question otherwise?

I do appreciate the advice. None of your IP addresses worked, but the "ipconfig" command gives my "Default Gateway" IP address, which takes me to the ATT U-verse Admin page. There are multiple tabs within tabs there, so I'll have to explore and find the page with the encryption settings, if that's where they are.

Not experiencing any problems. Just want to change over to the most modern/secure method if I can. Thanks.
It is like, if you made it to that point where you could assign wpa, then why not just one more click and wpa2?

I thought that WEP was busted. You mean that someone figured out wpa too? Sweet. I have the setup for wep but I neva thought wpa was taken down. LoL.

I have to agree with Merc too though in that no matter WHAT you choose, if you has a password named "password" or something simple no amount of encryption/security will prevent it from being compromised (to a POINT of course).
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