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Default mosin nagant m44 $280 or 91/30 $300

Ok, so I wanted to get someones opinion. I have the option of buying a M44 for $280 for just the rifle. Its in good condition and numbers match according to the seller. My second option is a 91/30 with a mosin nagant scope kit from big 5 and 440 rounds of surplus russian steel core all for $300. this will be my first mosin. Are any of 6these prices fair. I do know mosin prices have gone up quite a bit. the M44 sems like a decent price for being good condition compared to current prices Have seen. The 91/30 also seems to be a fair price. Except that i did not choose the scope. Im sure its not a great scope, but if it were decent ill be ok with it. If its garbage then ill have to see if hell take less for the rifle and rounds. Scope is in brand new never opened package. I have seen them at big 5 and turners. Is anyone familiar with these mosin nagant scope kits? Also, the 91/30 seller wants to do a ffl transfer. So should i wait for better deals, or to see if i can grab a 91/30 from big 5 if they happen to get more. Seller does not know if numbers match on the 91/30. But i have been wanting a M44. shouldve got the $125 m59 from the pawn shop in december.
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