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Originally Posted by Jason25 View Post
negative kind sir, perhaps you need to read the post for what its meant to be and not get so defensive. Was it directed at you?
Who's threatened?
and you need to think about what YOU did.

you walked into a room, filled with people you never seen or talked to before and said...

"I have noticed many that have been members for quite some time with virtually no posts what so ever."

what business is it of your how much a person posts, a little presumptuous of you don't you think...doesnt mean anything.


One actually in the marketplace selling a completed 80% lower. Illegal isnt it?
No and if you take a step back, what are you saying here... that the Admin allow criminal sales? That the people here are criminals... How about you default to the position of the positive, not the negative for the first year here..OK? Then when you get experience with the way things work here, then you can comment on how bad the website is run and how illegal the actions here are...OR ARE NOT ILLEGAL AS YOU WILL FIND. Illegal posts get deleted very quick here and thats after several people tell the OP why it is.

and you followed those statements up with...

"Others almost sounding harsh or in some sort of defense about many of our views and concerns. "
Without any reference cited, you toss a blanket statement like that into the room... Justify that for us. Please don't tell me to look here for it. You slapped us, so of course we would slap back.

You then ended the outburst with...
"any chance that we have some spies amongst us? Just kinda makes one wonder how and where they are getting alot of their info. I mean really, they do keep saying high capacity ****ing clips. And the new evil assault bullets.Theyre obviously not too savy...
Wow... you have been here a whole month and this is where your mind goes?

This website has been here for a few days prior to your about you chill-out, read and gain some experience here before you start tossing comments at the group.

How about you make a post in OT about you...what you are bringing here, your skills and how you intend to use Calguns.

You are one little bee in a very large hive.
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