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Originally Posted by xrMike View Post
I just checked all of the wireless networks that my laptop is picking up in the neighborhood, and all of them except mine say "WPA2" encryption. Mine is the only one that says "WPA".

We were one of the first ones to get ATT U-verse service around here, so I assume WPA2 is a newer and better type of encryption than WPA.

How do I switch our wireless network to WPA2?

Can I do that from the router admin page?

Also, I can't remember how to even GET to the admin page, although I've done it before. I remember you just enter a particular IP address into your browser address bar, but I forget the IP address... Anybody know what it is for ATT Uverse routers?

Do you just change a setting on the admin page or is it more involved than that?

Thanks for any tips/advice.
Depending on how old your Uverse router is you may be limited to only WEP and WPA. If that is the case call AT&T and get a newer more up to date unit from them!

Did you ever gain entry to the admin page...
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