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Originally Posted by Grumpyoldretiredcop View Post
So, I'll spoon feed you this bit of information: It is not legal under Federal or California law for a non-FFL licensee to manufacture a firearm for the purpose of sale. It is not illegal for a private person to manufacture a firearm for their own use. It is not illegal for that private person to decide later to sell their self-manufactured firearm provided that they mark it in the same manner required of a licensed manufacturer. If you want the code sections to prove that, do some research, I'm not going to do that for you.

Frankly, you come across like a legislative aide looking for ways to tighten up anti-gun law. I repeat my advice that you might be better off with your mouth closed and your ears open for a while. Stop digging this mudhole any deeper than it is already.
Am I missing something? Checked my spelling and punctuation and that's pretty much what I said. But thanks for the input. You also seem to be missing the topic of the thread..
Seems the only part that people see or paid any attention to was the 80% portion....


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