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Originally Posted by Jason25 View Post
Ok, I am aware that you can buy or sell an 80% lower the way it is because it is not considered a firearm in it's state. I am aware that you can complete the milling of an 80% and build for YOURSELF without any further legality procedures. I am aware that this is legal as long as you dont intend to sell without taking the proper steps.

However I am NOT aware that one could mill, finish, and COMPLETE an 80% lower and sell it without being stamped.(sell as a complete stripped lower) If I'm wrong about that, than I have learned something new. That's why there was a question mark behind it in the OP. That's what I have said. But it's still not the point of my thread.

But like I said, I really don't give a damn. This is just in defense for myself.
So, I'll spoon feed you this bit of information: It is not legal under Federal or California law for a non-FFL licensee to manufacture a firearm for the purpose of sale. It is not illegal for a private person to manufacture a firearm for their own use. It is not illegal for that private person to decide later to sell their self-manufactured firearm provided that they mark it in the same manner required of a licensed manufacturer. If you want the code sections to prove that, do some research, I'm not going to do that for you.

Frankly, you come across like a legislative aide looking for ways to tighten up anti-gun law. I repeat my advice that you might be better off with your mouth closed and your ears open for a while. Stop digging this mudhole any deeper than it is already.
I'm retired. That's right, retired. I don't want to hear about the cop who stopped you today or how you didn't think you should get a ticket. That just makes me grumpy!

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