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Originally Posted by dieselpower View Post
LOL... people hate seeing themselves in a mirror.

you think I am treating you badly... re-read your first post and tell me how you would react to someone coming at you with that.

There are two things you need to remember about the truth.
1) It sometimes hurts
2) It doesnt care if it hurts

re-read your OP and place the shoe on the other foot. I am sorry you feel threatened by me, but you walked into a room and made that announcement about everyone else in the room and now you are butt hurt over the reaction.

As I said, welcome to Calguns, a diverse COMMUNITY of novice, professional and hobbyist, who will all treat you as you treat them.
negative kind sir, perhaps you need to read the post for what its meant to be and not get so defensive. Was it directed at you?
Who's threatened?

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