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Originally Posted by Jason25 View Post
That wasnt the point of my thread. I can care less if someone is trying to sell something they shouldnt be or not. Im just an observant person and was simply expressing a thought and/or concern of the possibility of what my thread was intended for. Then you jump my **** because you think I'm calling someone out or because you think I'm questioning someone's ignorance of the laws? Not so, I'm pretty savy on the laws as I figure many here are as well. Perhaps I should have worded the original post a little differently. I may be somewhat new here, but I don't post to start conflict. I'm the same way with push. Probably why it keeps going back and forth
Not to pry, but...

You might not be too observant if you thought selling a lower, as an 80% configuration, is illegal. You may not be that "savy" on the CA penal code, either.

Never assume your first guess is the right one when you have unlimited access to the source document. Its not shameful to look it up again and again.

The crusade here on Calguns involves proper understanding of CA law regarding firearms (also, proper understanding of mozzarella sticks being served with marinara). Too often, online warriors push their own understanding without simply checking for themselves.

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