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Originally Posted by dieselpower View Post
I will if you care to listen.

Don't assume the worst in people until they show you it. You didnt know if it was illegal, but you thought it could be. You had no faith that the admin here would stop such an act, or the membership would flag an illegal sales thread.

Its like the new member who comes here and "teaches" Calguns about CA if no one here knows the laws or has experience in the laws. That new member assumes they have knowledge others don't without first investigating that assumption.

I'll also say this, I am one of the guys here who will hold that mirror up to your face. I get crap for it, but when a person sticks their foot in their mouth, I give it a solid push in.

welcome to the website
That wasnt the point of my thread. I can care less if someone is trying to sell something they shouldnt be or not. Im just an observant person and was simply expressing a thought and/or concern of the possibility of what my thread was intended for. Then you jump my **** because you think I'm calling someone out or because you think I'm questioning someone's ignorance of the laws? Not so, I'm pretty savy on the laws as I figure many here are as well. Perhaps I should have worded the original post a little differently. I may be somewhat new here, but I don't post to start conflict. I'm the same way with push. Probably why it keeps going back and forth
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