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Originally Posted by Jason25 View Post
I realize selling an 80% in itself is fine. But it was posted that it had been machined and completed. Nothing was mentioned that it had been given a serial number or anything. I was just thinking maybe it was some kind of bait to lure an illegal purchase. And no the OP is not a spy Im very passionate about my rights and my favorite hobby. I didnt post this thread to call anyone out or to offend anyone. Like the thread title says... It was just a thought.
Search and study and you'll find out why your thought is unfounded in fact. It might be best for you to do a lot more listening than talking for a while based on your apparent level of knowledge. No one is going to spoon feed it to you, you'll have to seek out knowledge on your own.
I'm retired. That's right, retired. I don't want to hear about the cop who stopped you today or how you didn't think you should get a ticket. That just makes me grumpy!
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