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Originally Posted by Jason25 View Post
Im fairly new to calguns and Im sure this has been brought up before at some point in time. However, I have noticed many that have been members for quite some time with virtually no posts what so ever. One actually in the marketplace selling a completed 80% lower. Illegal isnt it? Others almost sounding harsh or in some sort of defense about many of our views and concerns.
Any chance that we have some spies amongst us? Just kinda makes one wonder how and where they are getting alot of their info. I mean really, they do keep saying high capacity ****ing clips. And the new evil assault bullets.Theyre obviously not too savy...

Just a thought!
No one is selling illegal items in the market place. You are the questionable one since you are the one spreading lies in the form of a question. That's how distrust in an organization is started....oh you are just asking a question... sowing the seeds that take hold in the people who don't know.

This is how it starts.
Yeah I read a post on Calguns where a guy was saying they sell illegal firearms while questioning if the sale was a trap.

The only people who really care about clips vs magazines are the anal ones. I could care less what you call them.

I don't know what you are saying about "sounding harsh" or defensive about your concerns. People are people, everyone has an opinion and its healthy to debate. Most people are mirrors and treat you as you treat them.

Everyone is allowed to join here. Yes there are several Liberals here who rejoice in rubbing our noses in the new laws....big deal. Many of us are on their forums as well...
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