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Originally Posted by MrOrange View Post
yay first post +1

OP: No, selling an 80% lower is not illegal in of itself. There's plenty of info around here in the stickied threads (stuck threads?) and what not.

This sort of internet snobbery always befuddles me. Bill Gates could sign up on an MS forum and have plenty of teenagers with 5,000 posts in two months screaming "STFU NOOB!" at him. I for one do not equate logorrhea with intelligence.

The sign-up date thing: I've seen, on Calguns, people deride others who signed up a few months later than they did, even though both had signed up years ago. Fascinating.
I realize selling an 80% in itself is fine. But it was posted that it had been machined and completed. Nothing was mentioned that it had been given a serial number or anything. I was just thinking maybe it was some kind of bait to lure an illegal purchase. And no the OP is not a spy Im very passionate about my rights and my favorite hobby. I didnt post this thread to call anyone out or to offend anyone. Like the thread title says... It was just a thought.

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