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Originally Posted by RobGR View Post
Please delete this thread or take it off sticky, the cleanup is over.

Sorry, I'm selfish, but after seeing what happens at low key spots after they get posted on a forum and every numbnut with no safety concerns shows up... it's no wonder good spot keep getting shut down.
This thread is the organization space for an ongoing series of cleanups so deleting it would be counter productive, although I suppose it could be argued that creating a new thread for each official cleanup might cut down on the level of indexing that Google and other search engines place on threads as large as this one.

As far as keeping the spot low key vs. getting the word out to responsible and clean shooters that are willing to take out a bit more trash than they create I would argue that it should be considered whether or not such a policy of secrecy would really be effective.

You mentioned that in the past previously "secret" shooting areas have become widely known, and those areas in turn have been shutdown for being either too unsafe or too destructive. Why should we assume that a policy of secrecy for this area will ultimately have any different results? The relatively close proximity of this location to nearby towns and the already high levels use(and misuse) would indicate that word has already gotten out and without the clean up efforts of responsible shooters it seems entirely likely that the site would have already been shutdown.

I would argue that in order to preserve quality and quite frankly convenient shooting locations such as this one for the long term instead of trying to maintain some sort of "secrecy" on such a public location it would make more sense to continue what this thread was started to accomplish. To further develop a good relationship between local shooters and the BLM as well as other concerned political groups and to foster a strong community of dedicated, responsible, and safety minded shooters to not only use the area reasonably, but also to maintain a level of cleanliness in the area and to deter illegal and dangerous activities.
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