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Originally Posted by whiskeyhotel View Post
The 10-round magazine capacity limit still applies to rimfire rifles. Otherwise my S&W 15-22 would have come with the standard 25-round mags that ships to states without mag cap limits.
I don't get why this is so hard to understand...

Your 15-22 did not come up a 25 round magazine because it is illegal to import, manufacture, sell, etc.

It is not illegal for you to use a 25 round magazine with your 15-22. Please go read the penal codes as listed in the FAQ you referenced. The only time it is illegal to use a large capacity magazine in a rifle, is if it is a fixed magazine on a semi auto centerfire rifle. Your 15-22 is not a semi auto centerfire rifle with a fixed magazine.

edit: I'll save us all the trouble. Nowhere is use or simply possession restricted.

You are confusing the high capacity magazine law with this: and that does not apply to rimfire rifles.

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