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Default What feaures or combination of feaures are illegal on a rimfire rifle?

I have a ruger 10/22 which I decided to tacticool. It wasn't my original plan, I never thought of doing any changes on it. It all started when I added a millet red dot. Six months later and out of the blue I purcased a ATI Strikeforce Scorpion stock. I though it would end there until I went shooting and noticed my hand would start to slip when sweaty on the handguard due to lack of any real texture. I now want to add a foward pistol grip. The only so called evil features are the pistol grip and the folding stock. Would it be okay to add the extra grip?

I know about the length requirement when folded and my 10/22 measures 26 and a quarter inches when folded. If it is legal and perfectly ok, are most LE aware that rimfires are excempt from evil feature laws? I had a scare sometime back when some idiot ranger(have say it how it is) seemed bent on my 870 being illegal because of a collapsible stock and pistol grip and that my sks's were also illegal because of their folding bayonets. I was polite and explained to him my limited knowledge on the law and luckily a sheriff roled by and backed up what I was saying.
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