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Okay, look for your access point and login to it, it is USUALLY something like or OR in some cases or close to it, then just change it over from wpa to wpa2- but as long as it is NOT WEP is should be okay for a while.

You can also get a program called "the Dude" that should scan your network and show you what the ip address is of your router. It is sometimes very close the your GATEWAY if not your gateway.

To find your gateway you can click START, then RUN, then type CMD (and hit enter/return)

you will get a black box and then you type: "ipconfig" you should see some numbers and you will see YOUR ip address (which should start as 192.168... or 10.0.0... and that will dictate which ip address your gateway will be around. Generally playing around with those numbers in your browser address bar will get you where you wanna go.

If your wireless is part of your router then it should be able to be changed through your admin page or setup page.

Personally though, I would leave it alone unless you REALLY had some issues.

BTW, I am no expert so please, if I am wrong someone step up and school me.

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