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Was going to sell off a brand new "middy" pencil barrel PSA upper received in late fall. After seeing that feckless "enemies domestic" douche bag diane Feinstink on TV rallying againt the AR15, I decided to keep the thing.

Ended up slapping on the upper to a spare lower and there is now another excellent "Defensive Tool" resting safely in the arms locker stash here at the forward firebase.

I am currently here in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania with the temp outside hovering at about 7-degrees Fahrenheit. An ice storm is blowing in overnight and the electric generator is fueled and ready for another impending power failure.

You good people in California . . . Do not worry! This latest big anti-gun push is going nowhere. Instead . . . Relax! Enjoy the marvelous climate there in California.

I really miss driving up northbound on the 101 along the Pacific shore through the foggy Eucalyptus groves in the middle of the night. My gawd is was sweet! The native CA hot brunette girlfriend and me would drive up in her new Mercedes roadster to wine country. We'd hangout there for half-a-week as devotees' of the grape. She happened to own an exotic car dealership so rolling around in high end iron was commonplace. That kind of thing never happened to me at any time in my life in New England.

Unless some rag head psycho vermin detonates a thermo-nuke device in Solvang, California will always be climatically and topographically great. On the best days, the northeast United States will still mostly suck.

As that third-world character sings in his little song . . ." Don't Worry . . . Be Happy!"

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