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Originally Posted by FourLoko View Post
hey, I think I found some of your "lost" lowers

so many epic douche bag December 2012 members
Originally Posted by NoNOS67 View Post
Super lame!
Originally Posted by funnybookz View Post
That is so wrong. I get supply and demand and all, but that is outrageous. Over three times the original sale price is a bit much. I'd understand a 50-100% mark up but wowww.

Picked mine up last night. :P
Agreed, especially considering in SoCal it's basically impossible to find a dealer transfer for under ~$65. We're confined to buying lowers locally unless you want to really get bent over on an internet order.

Originally Posted by Cool_Hand_Luke_57 View Post
picked up lowers last night at signal hill

psa lowers
psa lower parts kits
timney 2 stage triggers
magpul moe stock/grip/trigger guard
RRA Upper
Stag arms piston upper
Waiting on my PSA MOE Lower build kit to come in (it was inflated at $170 but I know they make good stuff and it was in stock!). I have the feeling I'll be waiting a while for it to come in.
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