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Originally Posted by FredoSD View Post
The LC9 is a great carry option. When carried IWB at about 1 oclock you can go all day and night with even noticing it. Driving, sitting, standing, walking or bending over has not been a problem. The only thing you need to address is the proper holster. I'm lucky since I make holsters, I had the ability to devote pleanty of time and effort to R&D when making my personal holster.
The LC9 hides very well under a t-shirt durring the summer. Durring the winter it will hide even more.

The long trigger pull was an issue at first but range time has cured that for me. If you want fast comfort on the trigger then the Galloway fix is the way to go. I range it weekly and have over 500 rounds through it by now. FMJ, JHP both feed flawlessly for me. I did have a FTfeed at first but a quick call to Ruger and they took it in for repairs right away. I have the lazermax sight system on mine and have no trouble hitting my mark at 10-15 yrds. last week at the range I ran a few 21 foot drills by hitting the home button on the carrier. 8 rounds well within the size of a mans torso in under 3 seconds.

Buy the LC9 if you can find one, I don't think you'll be sorry.
I made two holsters, the brown one rode a bit too high so I made the black one. "IF" I was able to carry in San Diego, this would be my EDC.

Is that skateboard tape on the back of your LC9???

How is that working for you????

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