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Originally Posted by BrokerB View Post
see if this works...

This is the 3rd or 4th one I made. They originally stuck up higher above belt line but would pinch my skin once in a awhile when I sat. SO I lowered them down a bit on the belt an dwork perfectly ..almost. once in a while I will snag them when brushing by an object. Because the kydex I used is very thin it sometimes cracks the "belt looP' part. I have reinforced thsi version with another kydex strip that I just glued inside. Its working but next version I will somehow tiny rivet or bond them better.

I dont spend a lot of tiem making the cuts perfect as its not easy to do and I spend most of my time heating and folding for correct tension to retain magazine. They hold perfect..Jump whatever I have never had one fall out. I still have a 3x4 foot of kydex if anyone would like a bit to play with

What brand of holster is that? It looks like a Cross Breed but I could not find one like that on their web site. That's what I'm looking for is a single clip holster. I like the Cross Breed's but they are a P.I.T.A. to take off and on with the two clip version.
Maybe a N82 Tactical?????
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