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Originally Posted by HPGunner View Post
^^Agree on the dislike. 2 hours drive only to arrive at an empty store. I'v been signing up for the email updates and checking the website daily to see what's available. It seems I was just wasting my time.
Originally Posted by Agent Akin View Post

It takes me two hours to get down there, on average, after fighting through traffic across LA... if there's no way to even find out when they have them in stock, it'll be impossible to even try to buy one...
Hopefully you guys can understand the massive ungodly amounts of stress they are all under. Especially with the panic thats in the air. Sadly if you guys do live such great distances away and make the trek without verification of stock, youre taking a gamble with time. Even if by calling some are in stock you still can come up empty handed. You just really have to look and look. We bought a number of dd and bcm uppers around sept. With ch and bcg's. We bought more in oct and nov. Before the winter holidays we purchased some noveske and lmt goods as well. Inbetween all that time we ordered many lpks and etc. We have only just begun finding some things arriving.

Give them all a break and be patient. Im sure theyre doing their best.
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