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Originally Posted by spits55 View Post
So the fiber optic is exposed to the light through the clear Loctite glue and beyond in order to work correct? what happens to it at night or in the dark? just asking..
Great question. The intensity of the dot is directly related to the amount of light that his the exposed fiber, as you pointed out. I've found that the fiber is incredibly efficient at collecting and emitting light. If there's any ambient light at all the dot is visible. If I shut off all the lights in the house at night and rely on the faint ambient light from outside the dot is visible. It takes pitch blackness for the dot to disappear completely. If, when it's dark, I point it at something considerably brighter, like the blinds that are kind of lit up from outside the dot becomes a little more difficult to see, but still visible and it looks useable.

Surprisingly it really does perform well in almost all instances. I like that the dot dims as the environment gets darker, though. It's easier on the eyes at night and I don't have to manually adjust anything. There's enough fiber optic material to keep it lit up enough to use when it's dark out.
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(Please skip the lame "two weeks" replies.)
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