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Originally Posted by 12voltguy View Post
no,it's the LAW
part of having an FFL in CA is they must do PPT's
not they can do them on days they want or as fast or slow as they want.
$10 for 10 minutes work, drives customers into there store where you can sell them things like GUNs, AMMO, etc.....
And if they spend too much time and effort on it to where they lose money they will simply raise prices elsewhere in order to stay afloat. That $21.99 box of bullets may become $22.99 so that the store makes the same profit in the long run. Don't think $10 for 10 minutes is enough to keep stores afloat necessarily. They are all different. If you did this full time and made $60/hr, then take out your expenses and taxes, you'd find you may wish to keep your day job.
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