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Originally Posted by 12voltguy View Post
no,it's the LAW
part of having an FFL in CA is they must do PPT's
Thank you for posting this. You're absolutely right; PPT's are required by law. If we suddenly can't do PPT's because they don't make *enough* money on them, every one of our 2nd Amendment rights will be substantially limited.

Firearms dealers are required to conduct private party transfers pursuant to Penal Code section 12071(b)(5). Dealers may not limit the days or hours in which private party transfers are conducted.
Your right to buy and sell private property shouldn't be restricted because a 3rd party figures they're not making enough money on it (when required by law to perform the action).

To put this into perspective, that would be akin to the DMV not issuing you your drivers license renewal unless you *also* buy a new car from the clerk's brother-in-law. Want to buy a car from a private seller? Then, I guess no drivers license for you!

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