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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Like I said, I DROSd 4 guns on Sunday; had no issues. David was fine, gave good service. It took a while to do, but not because he was slow.. DROSing 4 guns just takes time. I was patient the entire time.

It was when I dared suggest they had possibly written the wrong serial # down for an old Colt revolver that they then said that they don't want to deal with me ever again.

When I called today, I was nothing but polite, and was just making an honest inquiry about the serial number to ensure it was correct. They were the ones who gut all wounded and injured because I wanted to confirm the serial number before I wasted 10 days waiting on a gun to be released that was never technically DROSd...

I'm a good customer to places who treat me well. I spend a ton of money at the Apple store in Temecula; they know me there by name. Yeah, I complain if something breaks, but I'm completely reasonable about things. If there's something wrong, I want it fixed.. I don't threaten, I don't yell, etc.. I just want to fix the issue and get on with my life (and buy more stuff).

In Turner's case, complaints, apparently, aren't taken well. Today's phone call with Larry was beyond rude. I was calm, polite and even slightly apologetic for wasting their time to double-check the serial number.

So, I guess Annie's Get Your Gun and The Shootist should be happy -- I'll be frequenting them a bit more often now than I have in the past...

Oh, and Turner's? I'll be happy to accept their heart-felt apology for the way they've treated me today. But, I suspect the odds of an apology happening are somewhere between 0 and none.
You really expect us to believe you don't threaten when challenged or not getting your way....LOL
Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Let me be clear. Your entire post is libelous, lies, untruths, and fictitious. I suggest you not continue down this road of libel and slander. It wouldn't be a particularly smart move on your part.