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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Wow. The thread crap brigade is out in full force tonight.

Few minor points. I've purchased guns from turners and brought my parents there to buy a gun too. I would have bought even more guns from them, but they didn't have the gun I wanted in stock at the time I wanted to purchase.

This was the first time I've ever done a PPT. Literally, the first time I've *ever* done a PPT as opposed to buying new.

I did apologize for wasting their time when they said it was correct. I also thanked them for checking. However, he might not have heard either since he didn't let me get a word in edgewise.

But, thanks everyone for assuming that I'm an *******. Much appreciate it.

I don't ask for much around here, but I do ask for some respect and for the ad hominem's and wild assumptions/assertions to cease. I do a crap load of stuff for the gun community in general, and I think I've earned a little bit of insulation from being attacked on this board. So, let's try to keep this discussion civil.
Really???? First time you have ever done a PPT was this last Sunday???
Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Like I said, I DROSd 4 guns on Sunday; had no issues. David was fine, gave good service. It took a while to do, but not because he was slow.. DROSing 4 guns just takes time. I was patient the entire time.

This is the attitude of an a*****e;
Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Maybe.. But, I'll worry about his "bad day" right after he calls me and apologizes. They know my phone number... (And where I live, my date of birth, DL #, etc....)

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