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Doing a PPT is an ACCOMODATION !!!!

did a PPT at Turners in Fountain Valley two weeks ago. I had to wait an hour and a half to get it done. I recognized that in doing the PPT for me they were NOT MAKING ANY MONEY and I was taking counter staff away from helping customers who WANTED TO BUY GUNS which is the real business Turners is in and what keeps the doors open. The staff at the FV store was very professional and fast in completing my PPT and I appreciate it.

Accommodations in any business/industry are usually made to good and profitable customers, not strangers or non customers. Giving anyone a hard time, and clearly the OP has an attitude about himself, over an accommodation transaction is in poor taste and the sign of someone who is ill bred. Judging by the OP's name, his educational background and his attitude, I think I have a good idea as to his "breeding" which makes this whole thing no surprise at all.

Based on my read of the Op and his attitude, the guy is "such a noodnik"...LOL

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