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Look...straight up! Throughout this whole thread, I dont like your arrogance. Know one cares if you went to law school, spent a lot of money at turners or call your self Dr.David. Look at your sig. (bottom left corner) web guru behind sb249, you even put it out there that your LTC and didn't even try to completely delete the old abbreviation of CCW, instead you put a line through it. C'mon Dr.David. No name calling, no attacking, just calling you out. Bottom line is just take your business else where as you stated earlier in this thread, I'm pretty sure fowlers, the shootist would welcome you with open arms. And if your in riverside county, go check out warrior one off the 215. As far as many turners Iv shopped at, luckily Iv had not one bad experience in one "yet" even the ones that have been mentioned here on calguns.