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Mercenetti 09-10-2013 1:32 PM


Atlantic 09-10-2013 3:52 PM

Sorry we do not offer that item

jeffxbr 10-08-2013 6:10 PM

You do not need a bullet button on the Mac 10 pistol since the magazine is in the pistol grip.
You do need a bullet button if you have a Mac 10 rifle

Batman 10-09-2013 8:49 PM

Actually, you need a bullet button and a magwell block to make it a single-shot pistol to get around the Handgun Registry. And the barrel has to have a welded on extension to make it longer than 6".

jeffxbr 10-10-2013 11:01 AM

You can remove the bullet button once you take possession of the handgun. You can even use a old 30rd sten mag detachable if you owned the mag prior to year 2000. Fun pistol

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