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trailblazer92fs 07-16-2013 5:33 PM

Some GREAT customer service
I ordered 250 RDS of 45 acp for what was at the time, the best price online. It got to my house fast as can be which had me excited. When I opened the box I saw one bulk box of ammo instead of the usual 50 rd boxes I'm used to. So I figured I'd count the ammo and see if they miss counted because it looked like a possibility with no organization of the ammo. Sure enough I was short one round. This isn't a huge problem or anything but I did buy 250 so that's what I expected. I gave them a call on Monday and they said they'll sort things out so that was nice. Well today's Tuesday and guess what's on my porch when I get home? 50 more rounds! I'd buy from these people again anytime and recommend others as well. Thanks again

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