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TheTargetMan 07-02-2013 6:27 PM

Reactive Target Line - Debuting 3 reactive targets.
We're going to debut 3 reactive targets next week.

All the targets will require the purchaser to source a piece of angle iron locally. You can get a 4 ft. stick of angle iron for about $12 +/1. In my opinion, it beats the additional $50 we'll have to charge as shipping that piece is going to kill it!

Also, our targets are going to be offered as a complete ready-to-go set up (welded by us) and also a DIY version. If you order the DIY version, you'll have to do 5 minutes of welding to weld on the pivot tubes and slap together the neck (the piece the holds the target to the angle iron). All components of the neck come "tabbed", so it will be a piece of cake to assemble.

Additionally, you'll have the option of purchasing our patent-pending multi-purpose base (MPB). Our MPB is an ORIGINAL creation of The Target Man! The MPB allows the user to quickly assembly/disassemble the base for easy and compact mobility. The base and target system are designed to allow the owner to transport the target to their range in the smallest sedan's trunk. This really is a well thought out base.

One last thing.... the base will be interchangeable! You can use the base with our dueling tree target kit and also any of our reactive targets. We'll also sell armored gong mounts too so you can hang your gongs from our stand as well. Pics of everything to come later in the week.


TheTargetMan 07-08-2013 6:00 PM

Critical Shot is a 2-stage reactive target system constructed from ballistic grade AR500. Critical shot doubles as a hostage target and a center-mass shot. Perfect for the LEO, gun enthusiast, and even the recreational weekend “plinker”. Get one of the best training aids to sharpen your skills should you ever need to take that “critical shot”.

This kit is available in a few different configurations for all budget levels. This kit is available with and without our patent-pending Multi-Purpose Base (MPB) and you can also purchase this kit welded and unwelded. Save some decent coin by purchasing the un-welded kit and fab up your own base. If you’re purchasing the kit unwelded, don’t worry as assembly is as easy as 1-2-3. (1) Assemble slotted “throat” (aka target holding fixture) like a puzzle using the slotted/tabbed pieces. Ensure all pieces are “square”. (2) Tack the kit in to position with your welder. (3) Start welding!

Our setup is designed to be used with 1.5″x.25″ angle iron. We sell all of our reactive targets without the angle iron. We’d hate to charge you $60 for a piece of angle iron when you can secure it locally for $12-$15. Shipping costs absolutely kill it to included the angle iron. Remember, we want to make this target kit affordable for all budgets.

At the moment, our patent pending base is still unavailable (which is why you don't see pricing when you select that configuration). It should be ready within a couple of weeks.


PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, EMAIL US AT INFO@THETARGETMAN.COM. We check our emails far more often then threads.

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