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StrikeIndustries 05-03-2013 6:55 PM

*** SI Battlecase Shox Accessorie​s Now Available*​**

The Strike Industries iPhone 5 Shox Battle Case is impressive as a standalone unit. However, like all tacted out equipment, customizable additions make it that much more exciting! The Shox features a series of splash proof, debris deterrent accessories. All the plugs function to seal out harmful outside objects and the clear lens works to prevent camera damage. Another one of a kind feature is the speaker guard. When rotating your phone to enjoy music or video, the plug redirects the audio out towards you so your fingers don't muffle the sound. The Shox iPhone 5 Battle Case is something you need in your arsenal!

Package include:
- 1 x Silent Control plug
- 1 x Audio Jack plug
- 1 x charging port plug
- 1 x Speaker guard plug,
- 1 x Clear Lens Cover

- Customize your iPhone case
- Protects from debris
- Splash proof plugs
- Clear camera lens protector
- Speaker guard redirects sound
- Variety of colors to choose from

Youtube video>>

Click for more info and photo>>

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