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LeadSlinger585 04-27-2013 8:21 PM

Who Makes Appendix Holsters?
Looking for AIWB holsters.

Kydex and leather.

Aware of Desbiens and Raven Concealment Vanguard (I & II)& ACR.

Would like, but not require, a manufacturer who makes enclosed belt loops (if that makes sense).

Like this:

LeadSlinger585 04-28-2013 8:04 AM

Found some from remembering this thread: What do you prefer as your EDC and carry rig options?

Also remembered an oldie:

Although I do not like to support Suarez's store. Sorry bro, I like your training philosophies, and I would pay to learn from you but I'd avoid your overpriced, cater to the profits store.

lowend65 04-28-2013 8:08 AM

Not exactly what you are asking for, but I have one of these for a Sig P6 and it's really nice especially considering the price.

Might be worth an experiment

LeadSlinger585 04-28-2013 8:18 AM

It looks delicate. Could I practice jits with this and a blue gun and not tear up the holster?

lowend65 04-28-2013 2:33 PM

I wouldn't be concerned at all. The material is pretty thick.
I think it's way tougher than the Fobus I have as a OWB holster

negolien 04-28-2013 2:51 PM

nice value
desantis sof=tuck

LeadSlinger585 04-30-2013 9:57 AM

Found another

LeadSlinger585 05-02-2013 4:56 PM

And another:

H2H 05-02-2013 4:59 PM


SouperMan 05-02-2013 9:31 PM

Try the Comp-Tac Infidel

LeadSlinger585 05-03-2013 11:58 AM

CALRaider 05-03-2013 12:56 PM

Raven Concealment Vanguard 2

davester00 05-03-2013 7:11 PM

Option paralysis.
Blow your mind with colors and options.

LeadSlinger585 05-04-2013 10:45 AM

Not a big fan of it, but I figured I might as well throw up every AIWB holster I come across up here:

j6p2004 05-04-2013 9:32 PM

Another source for appendix carry hybrid holster:

You may save a few bucks by getting the assemble kit and use one of the discount coupon codes.

Jet Setter 05-04-2013 9:52 PM

Just out of curiosity, wouldn't you want a "tuckable" AIWB? I was looking into the Desantis Pocket-Tuk for a G27. Not the greatest but better than most.

hermosabeach 05-04-2013 10:41 PM

Dale fricke holster
Both make appendix holsters

LeadSlinger585 05-08-2013 9:41 AM

No pictures, just text but...

LeadSlinger585 05-08-2013 9:44 AM

Also, the Milt Sparks Summer Special is an AIWB-intended holster.

"The ubiquitous Milt Sparks Summer Special, first developed by Bruce Nelson while he was working undercover, was originally an appendix holster (for a Colt Commander). That's right, the granddaddy of IWB was an appendix rig. AIWB was used extensively -- with and without a holster -- by many plainclothes and UC law enforcement officers for a very long time."

SFCRoOKs 05-14-2013 11:38 AM

Raven concealment Vanguard 2

LeadSlinger585 05-15-2013 3:30 PM

Some new ones

bsg 05-15-2013 11:02 PM

+1 for the late Bruce Nelson (RIP); a true gunleather guru. i treasure the pieces i have that were made by Bruce Nelson. it is said that when Bruce Nelson made a piece of gunleather... Bruce Nelson made that piece of gunleather.

the late 'magician' Lou Alessi (RIP) made the 'Talon' and 'Talon Plus' holsters that can be appendix carried. the Talon Plus is a Talon with a reinforcement strap across the mouth of the holster for support and ease of reholstering. both holsters are of stiffened leather and my example of the Talon holds it's shape just fine without the reinforcement strap. since Lou Alessi's death, the company has apparently struggled on. i can't say to the quality of the current Alessi line, as my examples of Alessi holsters were all made during Lou Alessi's lifetime.

Jchung139 05-16-2013 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by MovingX (Post 11207556)
Looking for AIWB holsters.

Kydex and leather.

Aware of Desbiens and Raven Concealment Vanguard (I & II)& ACR.

Would like, but not require, a manufacturer who makes enclosed belt loops (if that makes sense).

Like this:

Check out They have a lot of variety of Kydex holsters. IWB, OWB, Light/no light option meaning your holster has a space for a mounted light if you want. Really great products, great guys to work with. They will fully customize your holster. Check it out and you won't be let down. :)

LeadSlinger585 05-18-2013 9:43 AM

Bottom of page. Interesting concept...

LeadSlinger585 05-18-2013 9:44 AM

Oh and

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