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SuperX 04-09-2013 3:16 PM

Looking for a gunsmith to assemble my sons upper before he returns..
My Son is currently doing that CSAR thing and bringing home the wounded. He will be home in the coming months! He has purchased some high end AR components via the net. All has been shipped to me. I am in search of someone to assemble the upper for him. I would prefer a competitive highpower or long range master or high master or armorer and a veteran. We live in the central valley near Stockton.

I posted this here wanting to find a veteran who knows this system. I would like to spend my dollars this direction too.

Tracer666 04-10-2013 9:26 AM

I would gladly do it for you sir. But I live way down in southern Kommifornia in Yucaipa. The shop I smith at is Stars and Stripes Tactical. If you have no issue shipping it then I can send you the address. PM me if you want/need more info. I am a small arms/ crew serve instructor as well as gunsmith and a multiple combat vet.

SuperX 04-11-2013 8:39 AM

Am on travel for work this week, will get back to you Sat when I get home. Thanks for the reply/offer.

18Dmedic 04-11-2013 1:51 PM

Get in touch with Dave. He's in NorCal. In Sacramento. His callsign here is 1911whore. He's top notch. I'm USASF and he does all my gunsmithing. Anything beyond my expertise.

Highly recommended. He's especially good with handguns. But I'm sure hell do an amazing job for you. His Glock work came in handy in Afghanistan for me. I definitely owe him a beer.

So get in touch with him. He'll get you squared away.

SuperX 04-14-2013 8:21 AM

Tracer, 18D , do you offer ceracoat or any other colored coatings ? He is asking for the Noveske bbl to be coated, not my thing but I don't mind paying for what he wants .

Tracer666 04-29-2013 6:54 PM

Yes We do Cerkote as well as DuraCoat

Tracer666 04-29-2013 6:54 PM

Sorry for the long delay I was expecting a PM, My apologies!!!

SuperX 04-29-2013 8:07 PM

a day late... shipped everything off today ... sorry man!

Tracer666 05-03-2013 8:38 PM

No biggie, but for future reference. $40 to Duracote, $50 to Cerakote.

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