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Madeinthesheets 03-08-2013 3:17 PM

Strike Industries buffer review.
Hey everyone, I had a chance to try out the SI shock buffer in my M&P .40.
Here's the review done in my humble style of writing and a few fun pictures.
SI Buffer:

I had recently seen on the Strike Industries website that they were looking for reviewers for some of their new innovative products. I had already been contemplating trying out their shock buffer and was elated when I got word that they would send me a shock buffer to try for my Smith & Wesson M&P .40. As soon as I received the package and had this little neon green buffer sitting in my hand I thought to myself, self, I donít really see how this small piece of poly plastic could help much but hey, itís easy to install, only retails for $9.99 and worth a shot. Now the buffer itself fits my full size M&P .40 perfectly. The buffer sits snug in the lower frame in front of the trigger group. When I reassembled the pistol I was happy to see that the buffer did not impede the slide whatsoever and even gave a softer feel when racking the slide back. I did notice the buffer created less travel for the slide but did not cause any trouble with the ejection of rounds as Iíve seen with other buffers. As far as the big question goes as to whether or not itís advantageous to have the Strike Industries shock buffer in your pistol the answer is simply heck yes, itís great. I took my M&P out to my local range and put a few hundred rounds through the pistol with and without the buffer installed. I have to say the buffer has found a permanent place in my pistol. With the Buffer installed I noticed much less recoil, muzzle rise and ďsnapĒ if you will. The biggest difference I noticed was after a few hundred rounds I had a significant decrease in hand fatigue and wrist discomfort compared to how my hand usually feels after some time at the range. My shooting partner that day also had the same experience. The bottom line is if youíre looking for an inexpensive addition to your pistol that reduces recoil and diminishes hand fatigue then Strike Industries Shock Buffer is the way to go.

Thanks for reading and definitely give these a try in your pistol.

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