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as_rocketman 02-11-2013 10:07 PM

Burro Canyon 2013, Part One
Would you like to know how to shoot your rifle well? I mean, really well?

Maybe you've just gotten into shooting, and you want to start with some formal safety training and instruction in the fundamentals. This class is for you.

Maybe you've been shooting for twenty years and always wanted to get around to learning the "right way." This class is for you too.

Maybe you know how to shoot but want to learn how to teach your friends and family, and pass it on to your children. Come on in.

Maybe you're appalled at the price of ammo these days and want to know how to stay frosty without wasting a single bullet. I've got the answer for you.

Maybe you're just looking for a shoot you can bring the family to, or to meet others in the community, or to share stories of the American liberty secured for us by our forebears. That is what we do.


All right folks, it's time to get Appleseed going at Burro again. This will be our fourth year cranking out Riflemen at our sunny little range in the San Gabriels north of Azusa, and it's going to be the best year yet.

Following the success of last year, we are again doing two series of shoots -- the first series is back-to-back on Feburary, March, and April, culminating in the April 20/21 "Patriot's Day" celebration. That way you've got up to three different chances to reach that magic 210 score and earn your patch. In case you miss it the first time, just come back next month.

We'll do another group of three in the Fall, but in the summer we have something new planned -- an all long-distance, 100 meter Advanced Appleseed! This will be on July 13/14, and is only open to previous attendees. But you have plenty of time to become a previous attendee in the meantime. :D

Our next shoot is April 20th and 21st, and we'll be on the big line at North 2 with room for 30 shooters. It'll be a great opportunity to meet others, put faces to names, and make lovely tight groups in our targets. :chris:

Sign-up online here: Additional information is available on the same page. Also, feel free to PM me with any questions.

See you there!

Upcoming Dates at Burro Canyon: Feb 23/24, March 23/24, April 20/21

TheSherThang 02-14-2013 9:12 AM

What are the typical hours of the event?

as_rocketman 02-14-2013 7:28 PM

Plan to be there at 8:30 AM, and we'll shoot until it's time to clean up, along with some final words of wisdom and handing out of Rifleman patches if any, typically 3:30 PM. Gates close at 4 PM at Burro in winter hours.

as_rocketman 02-25-2013 11:15 PM

Well, first shoot is on the books. A nice one! We had 21 people turn out over the weekend, and we found a new Rifleman!

Besides that, we had lots of people who are close to their 210 score. Try to get in a little practice -- dry practice at home if nothing else -- and I should be handing out quite a few more patches next month.

Public AAR with my pictures is up at the RWVA Forum:

See y'all in March!

lavey29 02-26-2013 8:14 AM

Looks like a nice turnout and good way to make some new friends from the forum.

TheSherThang 03-08-2013 11:03 AM

Is 1 day enough or do you suggest to go both days?

mochimaker 03-08-2013 5:45 PM

I would recommend attending both days for your first time out. Also, to maximize your enjoyment and effectiveness, I would also follow the advice found on the Appleseed website for attending. The Appleseed instructors are the best!

as_rocketman 03-08-2013 6:53 PM

Yup, Appleseed is set up as a two-day class for a reason.

If you can only attend one day, we do go through all of the instruction on Saturday, but there is so much of it that you just can't internalize it all in one day. We see much more progress made on the second day for nearly all students.

We have ten signed up for the March 23-24 shoot so far! I've got room on the line for at least a dozen more. Now's the time, before it gets hot... It WILL get hot... ;)

Eljay 03-09-2013 4:42 PM

Agreed that it's nicer to do the whole weekend but if your schedule doesn't allow it definitely it's worth it to do just Saturday. I did the two halves months apart and it worked out fine.

joash 03-09-2013 6:15 PM

Were the Appleseed folks okay with that? That's probably the only way I could attend.


Originally Posted by Eljay (Post 10763933)
I did the two halves months apart and it worked out fine.

PurplePeople 03-09-2013 6:39 PM

Yes, there should be one day ticket options available when you register. Your first time you should definitely do Saturday. Then do Sunday the next time you come out, but definitely review what you learned the first time to be prepared.

as_rocketman 03-09-2013 8:59 PM

What they said. One-day registration is available on the sign up page.

If you've been to Appleseed before, you're welcome to just attend on Sunday. We still go through all the instruction but it's much faster, and we shoot many more AQT's. But if you haven't been before, Sunday may feel waaay too fast, so try to hit a Saturday class first.

Eljay 03-10-2013 11:30 AM

Yep. Signed up for just a Saturday. That went fine. Practiced positions etc. now that I knew what they looked like. Practiced dry firing the timed stages with a timer to shake out any bugs in terms of getting into position, doing the reload, shifting NPOA, etc. Signed up for just a Sunday - happened to be a different instructor. Shot as high as a 228.

For context - I'd barely shot a rifle before the first one but I compete with handguns so a lot of the material was either identical or very similar (trigger control is pretty much trigger control). My understanding is it usually takes more like 2-3 weekends to break the 210 barrier.

as_rocketman 03-19-2013 10:28 PM

Got 16 pre-reg'd now. Still room for a few more.

Weather is going to be great this weekend!

If you can't make this one, we've got the big Patriot's Day shoot coming up on April 20-21.

Ewcmr2 03-20-2013 7:13 AM

Looking forward to it!

as_rocketman 03-25-2013 10:52 PM

Round Two is in the books. And we've got two new Riflemen!

I've got an AAR with pictures posted up at the RWVA forum:

Anybody have any lingering questions after the shoot, feel free. I'll be here. Also, let's get planning for the Patriot's Day shoot! It'll be April 20-21, and it'll be great fun.

penguin0123 04-03-2013 9:56 PM

Put me down tentatively for the April session. I've messed around but was never officially taught. Would a Garand be acceptable? What is the round count?

Also, is there any way to get from the high desert area to the Burro canyon range without going down to the 210 and heading back up the hills? I've looked at google maps, and it looks like there is no way for the 2 to cross over to the 39.

as_rocketman 04-04-2013 6:33 AM

Garands are certainly acceptable though the cost will be... significant. Also take care that you don't have steel core ammunition, since the Forest Service won't allow it. Our round count averages about 400 for the weekend, sometimes higher. For this reason we usually recommend .22's, although .22 isn't as cheap as it used to be either. :wacko:

May have to bring my own Garand out. ;) Or my Enfield, or both.

Hwy 39 doesn't go through unless you go on foot from Inspiration Point down to almost the Crystal Lake turnout. This stretch of road hasn't been open since the late 1980's, I believe. It's pretty high country. I'm afraid you do have to come down to 210 whether you're approaching from east or west.

oldtwoar 04-04-2013 11:02 AM

I plan on doing an Appleseed with a 10/22 once I get up to speed on the rifle and Ruger gets caught up and sends me more magazines. But long term I want to do it with a Garand. Won't be cheap but should be a lot of fun. Of course have to get the Garand first too. Doing my CMP paperwork this week to get it in the mail.

as_rocketman 04-04-2013 8:44 PM

CMP has a big backlog right now for Garands, but do it -- you'll love it. They'll take care of you even if it takes a couple extra weeks.

AndrewB 04-07-2013 8:05 PM

I'm in the same situation of wanting to start with a 10/22 and go to a Garand someday.

One thing I found out is that with the Greek surplus ammo CMP sells, the 1965 contract HXP didn't use any steel (does not attract a magnet). I've been sorting through the cans I ordered and so far I've got 75 rds of HXP 65. So if folks can get their hands on that, it might be more affordable than commercial ammo...

elfstone 04-08-2013 5:44 PM


Originally Posted by AndrewB (Post 11030112)
I'm in the same situation of wanting to start with a 10/22 and go to a Garand someday.

One thing I found out is that with the Greek surplus ammo CMP sells, the 1965 contract HXP didn't use any steel (does not attract a magnet). I've been sorting through the cans I ordered and so far I've got 75 rds of HXP 65. So if folks can get their hands on that, it might be more affordable than commercial ammo...

I too am impatiently waiting for my Garand to arrive. It freaked me out when I saw on their website so many options were 'sold out'.

I look forward to applying the skills learned at Appleseed with a Garand. But I won't go thru the whole weekend shooting it. Yikes. Hopefully a 100 yrd line or requal. with it.

Even with the CMP greek ammo, its .55 cents a round. .22lr, in today's market, can still be had at near .07 cents a round. 400 rnd weekend:eek:

as_rocketman 04-08-2013 8:00 PM

Just so you folks know, as a reminder I'll be teaching an Advanced Appleseed to 100 meters on July 13-14. Previous Appleseeders only.

That course will also be set up for .22's, but if you want to bring out your Garands and stretch their legs on a KD AQT or two, that would be the place. Pre-reg is starting to fill but there's still plenty of room.

CMP will take care of you, just may take a while. We aren't at the bottom of the Garand barrel yet like we were with Carbines a couple years back. However, that point is probably no more than a year or two away...

as_rocketman 04-15-2013 9:06 PM

:mad: Well, my thoughts are with the folks in Boston tonight.

Almost made me want to skip all the trivial stuff, like updating my sign-up message. But life goes on, and this isn't the first time Boston has seen blood in her streets. Won't be the last time we as a free people are attacked, either.

If you're like me and you want to help, do something. Consider donating blood if you haven't recently.


So far looks like an intimate class. I know folks are having trouble finding ammo. But after what happened today I'm fired up about this. I'll have targets out at 100 meters on Sunday in addition to our usual April 19th festivities, and I'm not talking about a pumpkin either, I'm talking about shooting for score. We're going to make the best of it.

Still plenty of time to sign up: and we're at Azusa, first entry on the list.

DPmax 04-17-2013 1:55 AM

I hear there is a challenge between Burro Canyon and the "Swamp Dwellers" of Corona... I need to come out and uphold the honor of my forefather, Private John Worden, who fought with Capt. Samuel Ransom's Independent Company from Connecticut.

I'm trying to clear my weekend workload (never seems to end), might not know until the last minute of registration.

as_rocketman 04-17-2013 6:46 AM

:D That there is. And I know you won't leave me hanging... Losing Shoot Boss has to do something humiliating. ;)

I'll have plenty of room for walk-ons. Come on up. We'll be on North 2.

DPmax 04-17-2013 10:51 PM

Sounds good, looks like I won't know until about midnight Friday night.
I assume I should bring cash if I'm a walk-on... I'm a member at Burro, what's the current rate for both days?

I think the losing Shot Boss should by a brick of ammo for each of the winner's Riflemen!!

as_rocketman 04-17-2013 11:29 PM

Yep, cash is king. Not too many ATMs in the mountains. :D

Class pricing is here: There is also a $10/day charge that goes to the range but members are exempt from this one.

Nothing embarrassing about buying ammo. That wouldn't be any fun. :p

DPmax 04-18-2013 12:27 AM

But free ammo is like gold!!
Ok, how about the losing shot boss has to sing the four rules at their next Appleseed every time they are presented to the group for the entire weekend?

DPmax 04-19-2013 9:25 PM

I won't wrap up work and hit the sack until about 1am, but I'll be there.

The Redcoats won't be the only thing red first thing in the morning... I guess I'll be safe from friendly fire, there won't be any white in my eyes!

elfstone 04-24-2013 1:31 PM

Aghem, agghemm. I do believe Psych Doc and the "Swamp Dwellers" proved they know what they are all about. Go OC/IE!

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