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slagusmc 11-19-2012 4:23 PM

Best military surplus gear sale ever!
[B]Website is currently back up and running! Please don't hesitate to call with any questions. Enjoy!

2013 inspection cases: $35 per case
2014 inspection cases: $40 per case
2015 inspection cases: $45 per case

CLOTHING - All clothing items are USMC issue.


WOODLAND - rare!
Combat shirts & pants sets. Very good used condition: $70

Combat Uniform Sets, includes FROG Combat shirt & FROG Combat Pants. Sizes: Med/Lng, Med/Reg, Lrg/Reg, Lrg/Lng. Brand new: $50
Combat shirts. Sizes: Sm/Reg, Med/Reg, Lrg/Reg, Lrg/Lng Brand new: $25/ea
Combat pants. Sizes: Med/Reg, Med/Long, Med/XXLong, Large/Reg, Large/Long. New in package: $30/ea, 2/$50 Over 90% off!! MSRP @ $339.99
Used FROG Combat Uniform Sets, $25-$30, used shirts or pants separately for $15 each

Top & Bottom Set. Various Sizes. Brand New: $20/set. Excelnt Condition: $15/set or $8/ea
Medium XGO long sleeve shirts, sand colored. Brand new: $8 or 3/$20 MSRP $50


Marpat tops/jackets. Various sizes. Brand New: $25
Tricolor Cami Sets. Size S. Hard to find! Gently used: $25
Other various sets. Used: $25, new $50

Marpat sets. Size: Med/Reg. Brand New: $45 MSRP @ $120
Marpat tops/jackets. Various sizes. Brand New: $25
Tricolor cami sets. Size S. Hard to find! Gently Used: $25
Used Marpat Sets including tops and pants. Good used condition: $25

Various colors and patterns. Size 40R-48R. New and used: $10-$30, depending on condition.

Happy Suit sets. Size: Small/Regular, Large/Regular. Super nice, only: $150
Happy Suit parka. Sizes: Sm/Short, Large/Reg. New: $90
Happy Suit bottoms, Sizes: Sm/Reg, Large/Reg. New $70


Marpat Parkas. Sizes: Med, Large/L, XL/Regular: $80
Best Value! Marpat Set, Parka & Trousers. Sizes: Med/Shrt, Med/Reg, Lrg/Reg, Lrg/Lng. Used: $110. New in package: $150

Marpat Lightweight Set including Jacket & Bottoms. Sizes: Sm/Shrt, Sm/Reg, Med/Shrt, Med/Lng, Lrg/Reg. Ex Condition: $110
Goretex Bottoms. Various sizes: $40

Outdoor Research, Coyote Tan. excellent-new condition: $35

Desert Marpat Inclement Weather Combat Shirt, “Gunner’s Jacket.” Size: S, M. RARE: $50
Polartec Desert Marpat Fleece Jacket. Sizes: Med/Reg, Lrg. Ex condition: $30, or Brand New: $40
Grid Fleece Polartec Pants. Various Sizes: $15
Grid Fleece polartec 1/2 zip pullovers, XLrg/L, Lrg/R, Med/L, Small/R, $25


Marpat 8 point covers (hats.) Size: S,M, XL. Brand new: $7/ea
Marpat Boonie hats. Size S, M. Brand New: $15/ea
Marpat Boonie hats, Size S, M. Used: $10

Marpat Boonie Hats. Size S, M. Brand New: $15/ea
Marpat Boonie Hats. Size XS. Brand New: $12/ea
Marpat Boonie Hats. Size XS, S, M. Used: $10/ea

Coyote polartec fleece watch caps, new: $10
FROG barclava face masks, used $5, new $8

Danner RAT Boots. Sizes: 6.5, 7R, 9R, 10.5R, 14.5 Brand New, in box: $100. MSRP $350
Bates RAT Boots. These are some of the best combat boots made, designed off of the combat experiences of Marines in Iraq & Afghanistan!
Sizes: 9.5R, 10.5R, Plus more. Brand New: $80! MSRP $240
New Belleville 9.5W, 13W or Bates 10, 11EW, 12 steel toe desert combat boots: $60
Lots of used boots starting at $15 pair

Small, medium,Large Eagle SPC: $150 or $200 with cumberbund, pads+pockets
Paraclete RAV. Size: M. used, missing a zipper: $140
Improved SPC Plate Carrier IMTV MCSC, includes cummerbunds & ballistic side panels, full IIIA armor
front, rear & sides! Sizes: S & L. Brand New, VERY RARE: on sale $350!

Improved Plate, same as above. Size: M. Lightly Used: $300
MTV, medium:$275
IIIa Kevlar Throat or Neck/collar Protector, Left or Right side, Just the Kevlar Panel: $10
Coyote Interceptor OTV Body Armor Vest, includes 3A soft armor. Size S. Like New: $150

ACH helmet, complete. Size: M: $85
USMC Lightweight Kevlar, New Issue Type. Size: S,M, L. Very Good – Excellent: $120
USMC Lightweight Kevlar, New Issue Type. Size: L. Brand New: $160
Marpat Reversible Helmet Cover: $15

ESS Crossbow Ballistic Glasses, include hard case, clear & tinted lens, cleaner, strap, These are great for shooting, riding or even great
sunglasses! Brand new, Insane deal: $30 MSRP @ $105
ESS Profile Goggles w/ clear & tinted lens, lens cover & case! Used: $20 MSRP @ $90+

Set of Heavy Duty USGI neoprene/gel Coyote Elbow pads $15

Outdoor Research MASSIF Overlord Tactical Gloves. Amazing tactical shooting gloves. Sizes: S, M. Brand New: $60 MSRP @ $170
Blue Outdoor Research Gore-tex mittens. Used: $15
Flyers Gloves, various sizes: $10
Camelback Maxgrip Gloves, Leather, Kevlar, Nomex. Sizes S, M,L. New: $30
Outdoor Research Firebrand Mitt Liners. Size: M. New $15!
Outdoor Research Gore-tex Firebrand mitts w/ Liners. Like New: $55
Outdoor Research Mutant Gore-tex Shooting Mitts w/ Liners. Like New:$25



FILBE pack set in Coyote Tan! Designed by Mystery Ranch & made by Eagle Industries! This is extremely rare! Includes: Main Pack, Assault Pack, Hydration, Sustainment Pouches, Repair Kit, etc. Amazing Pack! BRAND NEW, $350
FILBE Coyote Tan Main Pack. Made by Eagle industries, Brand New: on sale $200
FILBE main pack, good used: $150
Filbe assault pack, used: $70


ILBE Pack Combo. Includes the ILBE Main Pack, Assault Pack & a Source 3L Hydration System. Made by Propper & Arcteryx, These are one of the best pack systems available! Super comfortable, tons of room, and extremely high quality. Brand New, You Get All 3 packs, main pack, assault pack & hydration system for $220 MSRP @ $800+!
ILBE Main Pack, Complete, in Woodland Marpat. Brand new on sale $120
ILBE Main Pack, Complete. Used: $80
ILBE Assault pack,used: $40
ILBE Pack, Made by Propper. Complete except for lid. Very Good Condition: $50

CSM Mountain Ruck $180
CFP-90 pack system, main pack and assault pack, brand new! $100
FPG FOR65 rolling deployer bag, vg/ex: $75-100, normally $389!
Carrying Case m249 Barrel Bag with Heat Lining, Coyote. $25
CLS Combat lifesavers bag, with strap, $40
Green USGI "Seabags" $15 or 2 for $25!
Sealine main or Assault pack liner, orange inside, green outside: $30

New Issue USMC 3 Season Sleep System, this system sells for close to $1,000. Normally, just the Bivy is $450, the Sleeping Bag is $350, and Sealine bag is $60. This is newest and baddest! Super lightweight- it’s half the weight & size of the regular USGI Sleeping Systems & has many improvements. I have them Brand New for $220!
Used 3 season coyote sleeping bag $75
Used 3 season coyote bivy sack $80
Used USGI sleep system, includes black or green sleeping bag, woodland goretex bivy, black compression sack, $65 or get black and green for $95!
Used USGI sleeping bags, black or green $30

OTHER FIELD GEAR- Gear is top quality Milspec Gear!
Camo Netting pole set: $60
MSR inline water micro filters, fits Camelbak and Source hydration systems: $16 each!
Military Cyalume 1, 2 hour glow sticks, fresh and various colors, $1 each!
Military 3 volt CR123 batteries $1 each!
Streamlight Strion-LED rechargable tactical light, new: $70
Max AX military "pioneer gear" offroad tool kit, includes ax with pick, shovel,mattock, rake, attachments and case. $90
Max AX military Axe, $40
metal 5 gallon fuel cans, leakfree but older, prob should be cleaned out: $20 each
Marpat Reversible Field Tarps. Brand New: $35
USMC 2 Man Combat Tents, $120 excellent complete,
Single Man Catoma Bugnet tent: $50 or $90 for full INBS set with rainfly, poles, stakes
Woodland Marpat Poncho Liner. Excellent-New: $25/ea
Poleless Litter/Stretcher, Very Compact: $40
USGI folding aluminum cots, $25
Gerber Etool Folding Shovels. Brand new: $30! or $25 used, MSRP @ $70+!,
USGI metal Etool folding shovel: $15
"Moon Beam" Green USGI "D" Cell Flashlights: $5
Ontario Strap Cutter/ Rescue Tool w/ Coyote Case. Brand New:$15
Black benchmade strap cutter, black in black case: $15
Aluminum Camp Cup, Nalgene Bottle Size:$8
NACRE QuietPro, like new in box w/ MOLLE Adapter, headset, manual, radio Adapter & more. $180
Voxtec SQ ID 200, translator kit, new in box. $400

Source 3L Tactical Hydration Systems. Brand New: $35 or Used: $25 MSRP @ $90

New Pelican 1660 case with foam: $180 or $100 for used w/o foam
Hardigg/Pelican Green Lockable "Footlocker" Cases: $100/ea
Hardigg Storm 2750 cases, $80 each
Pelican 1610, new with foam $140
Pelican 1400, used $20
Pelican 1470, excellent $50
.50 cal ammo cans! nice green cans, with lids and seals, no dents: $10

SOF & CAT Tourniquets Brand New: $15
Large Burn Dressings: $15/ea

Rare! M50 gas mask with case and filters $200
M50 gas mask filters very rare, New & Sealed 2/$40 or opened 2/$10
M40 C2a1 US/NATO Gas Mask Filters. These are opened, used for training & replaced after one year. Used: $5/ea
Sealed M40 Gas Mask Filters C2,New: $10/ea
New and sealed US military NBC chemical suits JSLIST, current and very rare! includes rubber gloves and boots! $75

London Bridge or TAG padded combat belt: $20
Web Pistol Belts: $5 each
M12 holster: $15
Blackhawk Serpa Dropleg Holster for Beretta 92. left or right handed New: $50
Blackhawk Serpa Dropleg Holster for Beretta 92. used : $40
New coyote Blackhawk carbon fiber tactical mag pouch:$10
Blackhawk pistol lanyard, new:$10
Larue LT-622 acog mount, brand new: $80
Military grade GT heavy duty steel target stands: $25
SureFire Scout weapons light M600C with 200 lumen LED head, with weapons mount, $160
MI sling rail adapter:$20
MI single point sling adapter:$20
M203 Folding Sights, Knights Armament Rail Mount:$30
M249 SAW 100rd woodland "nutsacks" $20
New Otis clamshell 5.56 cleaning kits: $25 or $20 for vg used.
Brand new Triijicon lens pen: $7
Military ACOG manual: $2
High quality single point bungee slings:$15
USGI 3 point slings for M4:$8/ea
USGI 2 point sling:$5
Heavy padded slings for M240 or M249 :$8
USGI Aluminum M203 forward grip, rare!:$40
Knights Armament Rail Covers, various sizes:$5/ea
Knights Armament Forward Grip:$12/ea
12inch freeFloating rail: $20
Insight Pressure Switch for PEQs & other lights. New:$10
PVS-14 SL3 kit & case, includes green carrying case, Rhino mount, helmet mount w/ strap. j-arm & weapons/rail mount, manual, lens cleaner, sacrifical lens, demist: $80

POUCHES- Below is just a sampling of pouches that I have. I have more than 3 large Seabags full of different pouches, many by Eagle, Paraclete, TAG. Hundreds of pouches!

Multpurpose Grenade Pouch, looks like Double-mag Pouch: $10/ea
Green Double Grenade Pouch: $9
Flashbang Grenade Pouches: $8/ea
Blackhawk Double Grenade Pouches: $8/ea
Coyote Blackhawk Grenade Pouches. Still have more! Brand New: $5/ea or 5/$20
Coyote Blackhawk Flash Bang pouches: $8
USGI coyote M67 grenade pouches: $8

USGI MOLLE Roll-up Dump Pouches. Brand new: $20/ea
Coyote Roll-up Dump Pouches. Used: $10

Single/Double 30rd AR Mag Pouches, Coyote USGI FSBE, Brand new: $9/ea or 3/$25! Used: $6/ea
Double Side-by-side Mag Pouch. Holds 4, 30rd AR Mags: $15/ea
3 or 6 mag "shingle" holds 3 or 6 mags on front of your vest or plate carrier $20/ea
Saw Drum pouches: $15
Buttstock Mag Pouches: $10/ea
4 Mag Dropleg Platform: $25/ea

Marpat ILBE Radio Pouches:$10/ea
LBT Radio Pouches, looks like for 152 or Sabre sized radio:$15

LBT coyote pistol mag pouches: $12
Padded Optics Pouches , Coyote: $15/ea
Coyote MOLLE Panel Drop-leg Platform: $15/ea
Med/ Lrg Utility Pouches/MOLLE Sustainment Pouches $15/ea
MOLLE Hydration Carrier:$15
Flare/ Pop Flare Pouches:$10
Chest Admin pouch:$20
IFAK Pouch:$15
40MM bandoleer:$15
Woodland Load Bearing Vest: $15
New Style Coyote Fighting Load Carrier: $40
New Marine Corps Chest Rig, holds 6 mags with lots of MOLLE: $50

slagusmc 11-20-2012 2:27 PM

Dont have to wait until Black Friday to get these deals!

Cary1911 11-20-2012 4:37 PM

kinda hard to read...maybe add a "-" before each item so we can tell where one description ends and another starts.

slagusmc 11-23-2012 1:50 PM

Sorry I know the list is slightly difficult to read right now, but I will be launching my website soon, so it will be very easy to read and search. In the meantime, lots of great deals and specials so stock up now while you can!

spex 11-24-2012 5:51 PM

Hi SlagUSMC, I received my items today! Awesome as always, thanks man! Best wishes on your new business, you know I'll remain a regular customer!

plinko 11-24-2012 7:34 PM

Where are you located? I'd like to pickup a few cases of mres.

cjc16 11-25-2012 8:36 AM

sent you a PM.

Plinkin 11-25-2012 9:06 AM

pm inbound

slagusmc 11-26-2012 12:35 PM

Pm's replied, thanks for the continued business guys!

splitmx 11-26-2012 7:39 PM

Sent a PM just the other day.... Never got a reply back :/

slagusmc 11-28-2012 10:54 AM

Bump, new gear in! Pms replied!

slagusmc 11-28-2012 10:55 AM

Bump, new gear in! Pms replied!

zombiescanlearn 11-29-2012 5:06 AM

pm sent re. some boots.

slagusmc 11-29-2012 2:26 PM

PMs replied, new gear added!

slagusmc 11-30-2012 4:18 PM

very cool rare new items added!

cjc16 11-30-2012 8:05 PM

received my items. Great stuff exactly as described. Thanks

bartokk 12-01-2012 10:32 AM

PM sent a few days ago.

richard310 12-01-2012 3:14 PM

Glad to see a website coming soon. Great products and fast service!

joefrank64k 12-01-2012 7:53 PM

PM sent...

slagusmc 12-03-2012 1:51 PM

updated thanks for the business guys, hopefully the website will be up soon!

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jkent 12-05-2012 3:15 PM

pm sent

slagusmc 12-06-2012 1:29 PM

updated, lots of awesome gear guys!

slagusmc 12-08-2012 4:38 PM

updated, new items added!

slagusmc 12-10-2012 11:49 AM

new items added! buy what you need now, will be closed from December 17-25 for maintenance/inventory and website work.

slagusmc 12-11-2012 12:54 PM

new stuff added! get those last minute prep and christmas gifts!

fmunk 12-11-2012 4:37 PM

Jesus. Too much reading required and formatting makes it difficult to read. Tip, include some pictures.

smwann 12-12-2012 2:16 PM

pm sent

fallfornoone 12-13-2012 7:37 AM

pm sent

slagusmc 12-13-2012 1:41 PM

Updated. Check out the special sale prices highlighted in red! This sale is only through Saturday!

slagusmc 12-26-2012 9:36 AM

Im back in town guys and Im going to continue running this sale for next day ot two! insane deals!

slagusmc 12-28-2012 9:47 AM

BTT, more stuff added!

slagusmc 12-28-2012 9:47 AM

BTT, more stuff added!

slagusmc 12-28-2012 9:48 AM

New items added, awesome deals!

slagusmc 01-02-2013 8:11 AM

Happy New Years, bump!

convolushun 01-03-2013 12:22 PM

Picked up some items from him yesterday. Great stuff at great prices.

slagusmc 01-05-2013 1:37 PM

thanks convolushun! updated!

slagusmc 01-07-2013 6:11 PM

new stuff added!

Samer327 01-09-2013 9:58 AM

PM'd on some FROG Gear

slagusmc 01-10-2013 12:05 PM

PMs replied, lots of great gear!

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