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daybreak 06-05-2012 3:56 AM

I would love to see more Calguns presence.
I like this shop a lot. He's very active on Facebook and I see a lot of updates there. However I wish I would see him more active on Calguns. Not enough people know about this great shop on calguns, and IMO, Dimitry isn't tapping into this big resource.

I will be spending money there in the future regardless, but I'd love to see my fellow calgunners also spending money there.

Socalmedix 06-06-2012 1:20 PM

X2... this is my preferred FFL... He is an awesome guy with stand up deals....

Go there! Spend $$$!!

jdberger 06-06-2012 1:24 PM

So, walk in there and tell him. Ask if he knows about Calguns. Ask if he knows about CGF. Ask if he knows about Appleseed. Bring flyers, printouts of press releases, etc.


PDgunsupply&tool 06-07-2012 7:24 PM

Thank you guys for the great feed back, word of mouth fills my little shop back to back everyday, I run PDG alone only to have my child by my side after school almost everyday of the week and between my paperwork, custom builds, sales, personal attention that I do my best to render at all times I also try to keep up my Cal Guns existence...:( I love this place and have been a private member for many years, this has been one of the best resources for any and all Californians and dealers willing to deal with us. I promise to be more active on this site as i wished i could be...

Your input on what you would like to see more of in the future would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you for coming back and sending me your friends and family..


snowblind 06-07-2012 9:13 PM

pdg rules

daybreak 06-07-2012 9:16 PM

It would be cool of you posted new additions here on calguns. I know I check every day on FB, but I'd like to see even more people spending money at your sho.

1911Beast 06-07-2012 11:38 PM

I just want to say that P.D. Guns is always there for what i need and what i want! If you havent picked up one of his Custom AR's in 5.56 you are missing out! They are well worth the money and they are built the right way and they are built to last! Forever!!! and theses days thats hard to get!!! I have bought many ARs over the years! and none of them has made it threw a 3 day course without giving me any issues its always something like the gas tube or trigger group! something that you wouldnt want to happen in the field! The 3rd on I got from P.D. Guns i put it threw a 3 day course and we went all out and i put threw over 3,500 round in the 3 days with out cleaning just oiling the right parts Dima told me and I didnt have a single problem! I am at over 9,700 rounds threw it still no problems! Running strong like a Champ! Thank you P.D. Guns your the Man in the Dima!!!! Thank you for everything!

TOMBSTONE 07-05-2012 10:54 AM

Preferred FFL & AR expert
PD Gun Supply makes buying a gun or accessories cool. Dmitry is friendly and extremely knowledgable in any type of AR builds that you might want to start up. Reminds me of the gunshops back in the mid-west...

Braddah Jay 07-13-2012 11:16 PM

Big thumbs up to Dmitry @ P.D. Gun Supply & Tool Inc.! Just put a Ruger SR22 in jail today!!!! I will definitely be doing more business with him every 30 days LOL!

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