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RainierArms 09-23-2009 5:06 AM

Rainier Arms UltraMatch Billet Uppers

CNC Machined from solid Billet 7075 Aluminum. If you want to build a high end UltraMatch Upper, look no further than the Rainier Arms UltraMatch Billet Upper.

The most critical features are:

* Parallelism between the picatinny rail, main center bore and the centerline of the mounting lugs
* Perpendicularity between the centerline of the lugs and the barrel mating face (at the front of the threads)
* Flatness of the barrel mating face

We are holding .0003 or better on all of those measurements. Competitor uppers are between .001 and .003 on the perpendicularity and parallelism.


* A3 Flat-Top
* A4 Flat-Top - w/M4 Feedramps

PRICE: $227.95

Retarded Timing 03-30-2010 6:35 PM

Got the new Rainier 7.5" Pistol upper. The receivers look and fit amazing. Very happy with the purchase.

One thing I did notice is my rear Troy BUIS did not want to lay flat in the down position. I had to pull it to the left as I folded it down or else it would catch on the rail. It goes down but it's rubbing on the left side. Checked it with another upper and it didn't have the issue. Might want to keep an eye on that measurement.

This is my second Rainier upper and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Top notch.

RainierArms 04-23-2010 7:36 AM

We don't stock Troy BUIS but we have tried all the brands we carry and fit great. I'll need to get a set of Troys to see if I can duplicate the issue. Thanks for your business.

T.Yoon 03-20-2013 9:39 PM

Are these coming back soon?

RainierArms-Sales 03-21-2013 8:26 PM

Soon, just use the notify me feature on our website and we'll send you an email notification when they return to stock.

T.Yoon 03-22-2013 7:16 AM

Great! I've been wanting to get these so badly, I'd check your site several times a day haha.

T.Yoon 06-26-2013 7:29 AM

I was wondering if there were any updates? I'd still very much like to purchase one.

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