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Click Boom 02-19-2014 7:13 PM

ordering a gun on the internet....
I am in contact with a FFL holder regarding an online transfer. He says he needs to collect California sales tax in person, even tho I would be buying from an out-of-state company (classic). This doesn't make sense to me, since I am paying/ordering classic myself, just having it shipped to him. This of course would be in addition to transfer and background fees. I don't see why he would need to collect sales tax on an item he's not selling, just doing the transfer. If some of you fine ppl could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

Josh3239 02-19-2014 7:14 PM

DOJ has told FFLs they must collect sales tax on FFL transfers.

Full Clip 02-19-2014 7:15 PM

No way around that. CA wants their cut.

Click Boom 02-19-2014 7:15 PM

Damn that's sheisty is that new?

Full Clip 02-19-2014 7:16 PM

Nope, been a few years at least.

Click Boom 02-19-2014 7:20 PM

Thx for the info

rromeo 02-19-2014 7:48 PM

It's been about 70 years. The heavy enforcement has beemore recent.

BumBum 02-20-2014 4:08 PM

It's actually a Board of Equalization issue trying to enforce the use tax (i.e., technical term for sales tax on items purchased out of state). Purchases from private parties do not trigger the use tax, but retail purchases do (like from Classic, as you mentioned).

TeddyBallgame 02-20-2014 4:15 PM

yup, got hit up for it when I purchased my Beretta Cougar online

Johnny Rotten 02-20-2014 4:52 PM

Well regardless, anything you purchase you have to pay a sales tax (except food). Since you're not being charged sales tax in the state in which you ordered the firearm , than you just pay sales tax in California. It's not shiesty it's just a little odd. You would think you would have to pay sales tax in the state you ordered the firearm from. But either way you have to pay sales tax regardless of which state charges you.

Baboosh 02-20-2014 4:58 PM

Some people think we're just padding our pockets but that isn't true.

We don't want to collect it and be responsible for it anymore than you want to pay it.

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