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Bungi 10-03-2016 3:43 PM

** Athlon Midas -or- Sightron S-Tac ** ... ?????
I am building an "Ultimate 10/22"

It will be all KIDD parts, including the receiver. The stock will be bedded and will be inletted for the rear tang.

The only remaining part for the rifle is the scope. I don't want to go cheap, but I also cannot afford a Nightforce or Razor, etc.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Athlon Midas and the Sightron S-Tac scopes. They both can focus fairly close and the prices seem to be within reach.

The Athlon Midas BTR would be the 4.5-27x50
The Sightron S-Tac would be 4-20x50

I will simply be shooting paper and steel. No competitions, at least not yet.


Bungi 10-06-2016 1:12 PM

Hmm ... I guess these scopes are not very popular

dk94044 12-11-2016 6:57 PM

kenl 12-12-2016 7:30 AM

I have a sightron s1h-tac 4-12x40ao. Nice, very basic mildot scope. It's on a .223 Mossberg mvp, and it works great. Have used on a 500yd silhouette range with good results. If the rest of sightron's offerings are like it, your scope choice should be good.

jandmtv 12-12-2016 9:09 AM

Don't overspend. Get a Athlon Argos 6-24 if you want SFP or a Argos BTR if you want FFP. Doubt you will need a FFP scope on a 10/22 though. I own 3 Athlon scopes. Sold off my Burris XTR II and both Vortex Viper PST's in favor of Athlon.

jandmtv 12-12-2016 9:10 AM

You aren't that far from me. If you want to come look through mine let me know. I'm in reseda.

JMP 12-12-2016 5:26 PM


Originally Posted by Bungi (Post 18945731)
Hmm ... I guess these scopes are not very popular

I think these scopes are just new to the "entry level" market. Most people until a couple years ago started on something like a Vortex or Bushnell. Sightron and Athlon seem to get a lot of positive reviews, but most people aren't aware of them; I haven't used either. I'd try one out if I had a scope need.

dk94044 12-13-2016 4:00 AM

The new Midas FFP will be at SHOT 2017; the Argos line is the most bang for $. The complaints about the color vs Viper are silly, you hit targets at 2-3x lower cost of high end scopes. That's the goal, hit targets not seeing accurate colors unless you plan to use photography through the scope.

dk94044 01-05-2017 7:32 AM

Damn, just bought the Athlon Midas 1-6x SFP with MOA recticle (chosen because the FFP in the Argos 1-4x at 1x the recticle appears so tiny and barely usuable). The illumination is bright daylight visible but only on highest 10 or 11 setting, but clarity is amazing. Edge to Edge clearness and will be mounted on a 16" LRP-07 in .308 on a Aero Precision extended mount. Have not gotten out to range yet to test, will examine low light and magnification clarity vs a Zeiss 3-9x Conquest MC that has excellent low light capabilities. At first rough side by side comparisons at 3-6x of both there is a bit more color contrast of the Zeiss.

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