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hermosabeach 08-29-2018 12:48 PM

Anybody live or work in Hermosa Beach? Community Police Academy
If you live or work in the beach cities, consider applying for the program

Hermosa Beach police seek applications for Community Police Academy

The classes take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Hermosa Beach City Council Chambers and are designed to inform local residents and business owners on the various aspects of law enforcement and how the Hermosa Beach Police Department functions and operates.

The CPA explains the responsibilities of department employees and allow community members a closer look at what law enforcement entails. The goal of this program is to open the lines of communication and encourage interaction between police officers and the community. It is not intended to train participants to be public safety officers. There are no physical exercise/exams in this academy and they encourage residents 21 years of age and older to apply.

A typical class will consist of 12 to 15 people of varying backgrounds. All graduates are eligible (although not required) to apply to its Volunteers in Policing (V.I.P.) Program within the police department. CPA participants take part in a variety of experiences, including a police facility tour, make simulated car stops, fingerprinting/processing a crime scene, simulated building search, shoot or don’t shoot scenarios, jail booking and more. Participants may opt out of any portion of the scenarios and do not have to participate in the “hands-on” exercises if desired.

If interested parties are at least 21 years of age, live or work in Hermosa Beach, have no prior felony arrests, no misdemeanor arrests within one year of application, have a valid California Driver License, and are willing to sign a city of Hermosa Beach Liability Release, complete and submit the Community Police Academy application to Sgt. Chris Alkadis at

ShotgunPreacher 08-29-2018 1:03 PM

Thanks. Hope they do something similar near me

hermosabeach 09-03-2018 7:19 AM

Call and ask your local PD and check with the PD in the city you work

Garand1911 09-08-2018 1:25 AM

The LASD did it about a 12 years ago.

hermosabeach 09-08-2018 3:16 PM


Originally Posted by Garand1911 (Post 22089464)
The LASD did it about a 12 years ago.

How was the LASD program?

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