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falconman515 11-17-2015 12:02 AM

New Generation 3X Magnifier? Any updated ETA on this???
So on your old website I saw you were releasing a totally new generation 3X magnifier (Gen4 I think it was) with better eye relief and overall design .... I thought it said due to release in November.
I signed up for the email when it gets released but have yet to receive anything.

But you have since updated your website and I no longer see this New Gen 3X magnifier on the site anymore and didn't know if I would still get the email I signed up for before when it gets release?

I've got anew EOTech 512 that I want a magnifier for and the new version is exactly what I am looking for (designed much more like ETOTech's version of their magnifier and better eye relief and design then the current ones)

You new version is what I was waiting for but curious if this is still in the process of getting released and if so when??? ... also will it be listed on your website again sometime?

Thanks so much guys and I look forward to your reply. :)

-Chris :gunsmilie:

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