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SnWnMe 10-16-2019 8:14 AM

White Hat Holsters Max Tuck. Itís a good one.
After my experience with Ďs customer service over a preference issue with my MaxClip AIWB holster, I felt that they earned my repeat and future business so I ordered a Signature Series Max Tuck with combat cut for my G29 for behind the coronal plane carry. I chose their line originally due mainly to their use of Chicago screws which made wearing comfortable while providing interchangeability and ease of adjustment.

Iíve had the holster for two weeks now and havenít noticed any design or craftsmanship issues. Itís simply a well made version of the classic Kydex/ leather hybrid that many manufacturers produce these days.

WHís price is about middle of the road ( most of these styles cost less than $80) but the few extra dollars you spend go towards the adjustability and flexibility. Once you purchase a holster, you simply buy the Kydex part for your other carry pieces and swap them out of the leather backing via the screws. WH etches the gun model inside the Kydex so you can keep track of what scabbard goes with what gun.

I wore the holster at the 1600 position several days in row for my 88 mile round trip commute and I did my drive in comfort. I knew the gun was there but it wasnít digging into me due to the leather backing.

Did a little bit of walking around as well and as long as I am conscious of not wearing tight fitting shirts, the gun wonít print because the holster holds it close and my arms disrupt the outline. If I wanted to conceal the grip more, the holster allows me to adjust the ride height.

Presentation was smooth. The combat cut helps to get a good firing grip for behind the back/hip carry. Reholstering is something I need to work on. I noticed that most Glock NDs happen during reholstering so I tend to twist around and verify that the gun isnít snagging when I reinsert it. There has to be a better way for me to do this. Hopefully I never have to draw my gun in defense though!

If I have to point out a negative, itís the real estate required to wear a hybrid if youíre a slim to medium build person. This isnít specific to WH but to all makers of this style of holster. It literally spans from just outboard of my rear belt loop to my front pocket for 1600 carry. That aft clip takes a bit of contortion to secure as I try to look at my behind to get the clip on the belt!

All in all, I love this holster. I think itís ideal for carrying a thick semi auto.

Thank you

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Notpc 10-16-2019 9:19 AM

Bought one, sent it back. I don't like the tip of the barrel and sight protruding out of the end of my holster. I could feel it wearing a hole in my jeans. I want the barrel and sight (XS Tritium) covered to protect both my clothing and barrel/sight from wear.

SnWnMe 10-16-2019 9:38 AM

I think you can actually ask them for specific things done to your holster. At least that was the impression I got from my correspondence with them.

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Notpc 10-16-2019 9:14 PM

I wasn't aware of custom options, so just asked for a refund. I ended up with a simple JM Custom Kydex.

Spyder 10-17-2019 10:14 PM

I've got a couple of White Hat's now. Love 'em. Excellent service and they're very much able to do custom work.

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