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SAGISI 02-22-2017 8:15 AM

SAGISI CUSTOMS Certified Cerakote Applicator **01FFL** (SAN JOSE)
*Updated Price, Lead time, Shipping

Pick a color, Ship me your Glock slide, Iíll have it shipped back (USPS PRIORITY) out within 1-3 business days. *New factory Glock channel liner included

Armor Black
Barret Bronze
Blue titanium
Bright purple
Burnt bronze
Coyote Tan
Crimson red
Disruptive grey (bcm jack carbine)
Elite Concrete
Elite Series Smoke
Foliage green
Graphite black
Hidden White
Hunter orange
Kel tec navy blue
Magpul FDE
Magpul stealth grey
McMillan Tan
Midnight black (elite series)
Multicam green
NRA Blue
OD green
Patriot brown
Prison pink
Robin Egg Blue
Satin Aluminum
Sig Dark Grey
Sky Blue
Smith & Wesson Grey
Smith and Wesson red
Sniper grey
Stone grey
Usmc red
Zombie green
Elite 20150
Elite M17 Coyote
Elite Jungle
Elite Sand
Bright Nickel

MGW PRO Sight Pusher. I have the following slide shoes:

-S&W M&P
-SIG SAUER 220/ 225/ 239/ 226/ 228/ 229
-HK USP/P2000/P45/P30
-HK VP9/ VP40
-KAHR P40/C240/PM9
-Beretta 92FS
-Sig P320

dk94044 02-22-2017 8:19 AM

Wow great price and color choices, just Glocks?

r739 02-22-2017 8:25 AM

Oh wow, tag for this deal....I'll keep in touch

bug_eyedmonster 02-22-2017 8:26 AM

For those in the San Jose area, can a drop off be arranged?


SAGISI 02-22-2017 9:05 AM


Originally Posted by dk94044 (Post 19714164)
Wow great price and color choices, just Glocks?

Just Glocks for now at this price. Done a ton of them, so i am very comfortable with doing them. I also have all the tools and sight pusher for the Glock slides.

SAGISI 02-22-2017 9:05 AM


Originally Posted by bug_eyedmonster (Post 19714200)
For those in the San Jose area, can a drop off be arranged?


Yes, of course.

inthegame 02-22-2017 6:19 PM

Can you add more photos of your work. Thanks

Dannyh_Nguyen 02-22-2017 6:48 PM

Great price. Tagged

Neezy 02-22-2017 6:51 PM


Aces and 8s 02-22-2017 6:52 PM

Great pricing and sounds like a sweet deal, however don't you have to be a vendor in order to provide services or retail sales on this forum?

Also, I see you already have some iTrader rating, which is good. I'd like to see some more input from others though before I simply ship half my gun to you.

Blazer707 02-22-2017 6:58 PM

Have you done each of the colors listed? I would like to see as many pictures of the colors as possible.

Warrior56 02-22-2017 7:00 PM

Do you paint frames as well?

97F1504RAD 02-22-2017 7:01 PM


Originally Posted by Blazer707 (Post 19717501)
Have you done each of the colors listed? I would like to see as many pictures of the colors as possible.

This X2

Mac Attack 02-22-2017 7:21 PM


Originally Posted by Warrior56 (Post 19717519)
Do you paint frames as well?

+1. I am digging the Sniper Grey and Tungsten. Looking at pictures looks like the colors are the same or similar.

MC408 02-22-2017 7:51 PM

Felllas. I can vouch for Ryan's work and his character. Real good guy and a true artist.

But I guess pictures speak Louder than words. So here you go.

Burnt bronze and sniper grey glock slides upload

Sniper grey CZ P01

Spyder 02-22-2017 7:57 PM

Nice! I may get one done.

Bcpzx3 02-22-2017 7:58 PM

I can vouch for his work also. Had some motorcycle levers refinished by him, very clean work and made sure everything went back together without any problems.

etwinam 02-22-2017 8:08 PM

Let me know when you get in to M&P, and or Slide Lightening, RMR slide Cuts, etc...

phonso302 02-22-2017 8:26 PM

Pm sent

kalapa 02-22-2017 8:32 PM

Woow.. awesome deal and very tempting. I'd like to send my G19 slide but I'd like to see more pics first.

JP642 02-22-2017 10:17 PM


MC408 02-23-2017 5:22 AM

I posted some pics in this thread if anyone wants to check out Ryan's quality.

SAGISI 02-23-2017 5:48 AM


Originally Posted by Blazer707 (Post 19717501)
Have you done each of the colors listed? I would like to see as many pictures of the colors as possible.

Every color in my list has been sprayed. I know how each color sprays, the finish it provides, temps to bake it at, etc. For example Snow White if baked at 250* tends to have a slight yellow tint, so for snow white i bake it at 150 for 2 hours to stay a clean white. Out of all the colors the only one that is really different is Corvette Yellow. Color turns out very glossy almost as if it were a powder coat. Ill create a photo gallery page soon.

SAGISI 02-23-2017 5:50 AM

Sniper Grey (Very similar to factory Glock)

SAGISI 02-23-2017 6:29 AM

Logos for "V54" are Cerakoted
First attempt at a Jack (Magpul FDE)

Dr_Kevorkian 02-23-2017 6:32 AM


gmduran1 02-23-2017 7:07 AM

Tagged. You are going to be a busy person my friend. I'll be sending you several glock slides in the near future.

saybng 02-23-2017 7:13 AM

wow, what a deal...

Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk

SAGISI 02-23-2017 8:29 AM

I coat for a bunch of knife smiths as well. Check out "Compliance Edge" on instagram.
BrokenKnife in Magpul FDE
Graphite Black GS-12 Double Edge
Graphite BlackGS-12 double edge

SAGISI 02-23-2017 8:32 AM

Personal 1911 Magpul Foliage Green Frame / Graphite Black Slide and parts

cockedandglocked 02-23-2017 8:55 AM


Originally Posted by SAGISI (Post 19719090)

I think the lighting there is making it look a lot different than it really does. I've got a Tungsten AR-308, and was thinking about making a matching Glock, because for $35 why not :p

Anyways, this is a better representation of Tungsten, I believe:

I think it's a great color. For those who haven't seen it in person (and you can kind of tell in the pictures above) it's like a mix of light and dark speckles, rather than a solid color. I really like the way it looks on a gun with black furniture.

MC408 02-23-2017 9:20 AM image upload

Tungsten on bottom .

Disruptive grey on top

SAGISI 02-23-2017 9:24 AM

Cockedandloaded is right. Picture does not resemble true color. Im great at cerakote but my photo taking skills needs some work.
Disruptive Grey (Tungsten mixed w/graphite black)

bry_mon 02-23-2017 9:27 AM

Nice stuff! May have to drop by in the future. Are you able to do glock frames? Do you have an IG account we can follow?


xstrensic 02-23-2017 9:45 AM

tagged for future

91SDLegend 02-23-2017 10:25 AM

Tagged for future. Great deal!

wapiti22 02-23-2017 10:40 AM


jumpmann23 02-23-2017 10:58 AM

Looks 😎👍🏻

D_ALPINE_M 02-23-2017 11:07 AM

tagged for future

Never Convicted 02-23-2017 11:09 AM

whoa Impressive !

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