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Punisher 02-28-2017 1:01 PM

VA loans - 3.25% APR 30 fixed up to $3M
VA loans are one of our strengths. Today 4/20, we're at 3.25% rate and APR on 30 year fixed VA refinances from $200k up to $3M. Contact me for a no pressure evaluation to see if it makes sense for you.

VA IRRRL refinance - no qualifying documentation required; no appraisal, no paystub, no tax returns, not even a bank statement. If the numbers make sense and we can save you money, we lock in the new rate and transfer your loan over.

VA Cash out - get up to 100% of home's value at the same rate with no costs.

VA Purchase - Purchase loans also available at same rate.

Contact me via PM to see what you'll qualify for.

Punisher 03-01-2017 8:05 AM

Rate update 3/1 - Mortgage rates worsened substantially today (0.25% to 0.375%) after markets react to Trump's speech to Congress last night.

Mortgage rates typically go the opposite of the stock market; when stocks are rallying and going up, mortgage rates typically worsen. When stock market is dropping, or there is fear and concern in the markets, we see mortgage rates improve.

Despite rates worsening, we will continue to offer some of the lowest rates available; consistently surpassing USAA and Navy Federal in rate and covering closing costs.

Punisher 04-20-2017 9:44 AM

Rate update 4/20 - Amazing rates today; 3.25% rate/ 3.25% APR on a 30 year fixed no cost refinances on loan amounts from $200k up to $3M. And 2.75% on 5 year ARM.

Compare to Navy Federal who has same 3.25% rate, but is a 3.535% APR, because they're charging a 0.50% origination fee and have you paying Escrow & Title costs; which on a $300k loan would cost $3,500 more than us.

PM me for a no pressure consultation to see if a new VA loan makes sense for you.


Punisher 06-19-2017 9:54 PM

6/19 rate update - we're back at 3.25% on 30 year fixed. PM for quote.

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