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JimBob123 06-25-2013 1:10 AM

good Glock22 Sale experience
Just wanted to give this place some recognition. I was in J&R a couple of days ago and purchased a NEW Toy. (Glock22)

Ian.....helped me, and was really polite. I had several questions to ask him and he multi-tasked with about 3 other customers and was quick to take care of everybody's needs. He even hooked my Glock up with a nice lube job.

Ian definitely knows what he is talking about. I would prefer to deal with someone who is a little brutally honest than some douschebag who is just trying to make a buck off me and sell me on anything with a high price tag.

Overall I Highly recommend J&R to anyone. I checked prices on glock22's at 5 different gun stores throughout the bay area, J&R had them all beat by 40$ cheaper.

I also had a great experience with an older gentleman who I forgot his name, when I was troubleshooting some reloading problems I was facing.

I'm done rambling, Go To J&R for all your gun needs!

cseabass 06-25-2013 10:28 AM

sorry sometimes I can be too honest. that said, thank you for the kind words. I enjoy helping everyone I can:D

if you have any ?s in the future let me know.

JimBob123 06-25-2013 12:42 PM

Trust me brother, I appreciate the honesty. And if I have any questions in the future I will be sure to ask for you. Thanks again for your services at J&R

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