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Mrs. BunnySlayer 06-15-2013 1:21 PM

Ladies fun shoot in Corona
Hey Ladies! It's that time again. We're having our next LADIES ONLY FUN SHOOT at the Corona Sportsmen's Club at the end of the month.

WHEN: Saturday, June 29
9:00 AM to ... ?? depends on when we want the fun to end!

Remember, this event is for the ladies. Gents, you are free to drop your gal pals off, then go AWAY so that we can do our thing. We'll be using the lower 2 bays at the club, leaving the large upper range, including tbe rifle bays, free for you guys.

Bring your favorite pistol-caliber handgun (no magnum loads) and plenty of ammo. We'll have a limited amount of ammo to sell, plus we'll have guns in small calibers (.22, 9mm, .38) in both revolver and semi-auto for you to try out if you're looking for something different.

VERY IMPORTANT: Attire should be a crew-neck t-shirt and close-toed shoes. We want to avoid any accidental "branding" when hot brass starts to fly. You'll also want to bring sunscreen, a hat and bottled water. We'll provide the rest, including a light lunch.

If you've never been out to our range, we will have an escorted caravan leaving from The Crossings shopping center, located just off of I-15 at the Cajalco exit. Meet in the parking lot behind Chili's. The caravan will leave from there at about 8:30. If you want to try to find the range on our own, please PM me and I'll give you directions. The road has been recently graded and is in pretty good shape (we have a shooter at one of the other events who brings his Miata out), but remember that it's not paved.

See you in 2 weeks!

Mrs. BunnySlayer 06-27-2013 11:23 PM

Just a reminder ladies that we will be having our Fun Shoot this coming Saturday!

Due to the ongoing ammo shortage, not to mention the anticipated triple-digit temperatures, we will only be doing two relays of shooting (plus instruction for the beginners), followed by a quick bulls-eye type competition geared to both novice and advanced shooters.

If you want to try to find the range on your own, PM me by 7:00 Friday evening. Otherwise, be at the Chili's restaurant at The Crossings on Cajalco, just off of I-15, by 8:15 am. Cars will leave from there no later than 8:30 to show you the way.

See you there!

1hotshooter 06-29-2013 4:09 PM

Hope you have a GREAT time!! Wish I could be there with you all!

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